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Simple Exercise to Lose Weight Fast


Walking is a good warming up activity which can exercise your joints and muscles. After about ten minutes of walk, you can stop to do some extension movement and then continue to walk 10 minutes after the movement. This can be a good exercise to your body and will be helpful to the following movement.


If there is a bench in front of you, You can make use of it and do push-ups on it. Put on your hands on the bench, and step backwards a little. Straighten your body and start to do push-ups. This requires less strength when you do it. Stick to this movement for 10 minutes and your fat will burn substantially. 

Stepping on stones 

When you walk in the park, the park bench is your good auxiliary tool to lose weight. You can put your left foot on a stone bench, hands down, body straight, and then stomp on the bench like you climb the stairs. When your left leg slowly rises till fully stretched. Get back on the ground with your starting posture. Keep doing this for 10 times with your left leg and then shift to your right leg.

In addition to efforts to adhere to the above exercise every day, you should strictly control the total calorie intake per day. Diet controlling is an indispensable part in weight loss. Your daily caloric intake should be no more than 1300 calories. Keep your breakfast calorie intake in 300 calories, lunch about 400 calories and supper 500 calories.

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