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Slimming and Warm Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercise can heat up your body and exercise the muscles, which can be very effective in  improving weak physique, strengthening the thermo-regulation ability. Doing anaerobic exercises in winter can both warm you you up and slim you down. 

Make sure to warm up before anaerobic exercise

Warming up is very important part in all kinds of sports which can let the body enter into motion state, increase the body temperature, strengthen muscle force, improve the speed of blood flows to the muscles and joints, increase the oxygen content in the blood and prepare the cardiopulmonary function.

Anaerobic exercise is recommended

Anaerobic exercise can train our physical agility and reach a certain amount of exercise volume in a short period of time. The practice should be progressive in case of injuries.

1. Plank 

Lying with your front facing the floor. Propping your body with your elbows with your legs straight and toes on the ground.Raising the height of your body, keeping you head, shoulder, crotch and ankles on the same level. Keep the abdomen tight and breath evenly.

2. Sit-ups

Lying on the ground with your back with the knees bent and soles touching the floor. Cross the arms or put them on both sides of your head. Slowing raising your upper body without moving your lower body. Keeping doing the sit-ups for 20times a set. You can go for several sets.

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